Strippers in Australia

The Hottest Thing Down Under


Men like looking at women, preferably with minimal clothing on, everyone knows this. Aussie

blokes are certainly no exception, and with our hot climate and endless beaches the red-blooded

males of this country are spoiled with bikini-clad babes for most of the year. But what’s better than

a smoking hot babe with killer curves and legs for days wearing a tiny bikini? Well a smoking hot

babe with killer curves and legs for days -not- wearing that tiny bikini of course.

Now unfortunately society – the damn prudes – frown upon wearing your birthday suit in public, so

how are all the hard-working blokes supposed to fulfill their genetic need to see some great boobs?

Well that’s where strip clubs come in. It’s the simplest business model around, you take all the

things people want, in the case of men it’s booze, music, boobs and beautiful women, and you put

them all into a building and charge money for the experience.


Strip Clubs in Australia: Everything You Could Want Under One Roof


The advantages for the patrons are quite obvious. You get to sit and drink in a place full of

beautiful, scantily-clad women who flirt with you and for a small fee will hop on your lap.

The girls are doing quite alright out of the situation too. The opportunity to make good money while

having a good time is something rare that needs to be jumped on. Girls who do bucks parties and

private functions can make a really great wage for a few hours of their time. Now some people will

chime in “but it’s degrading, have some self respect” well let me put it this way, is having some

sleazy boss drool over you at your minimum wage customer service job, while you have to grin and

bear some stick-up-her-butt middle aged witch chewing you out because “well the store used to

carry it, why can’t I find it, you are not being helpful enough” when really she is just taking out all

her frustrations with her ill-raised petulant teenager and emotionally absent husband who just can’t

pretend to care anymore, any less degrading than flaunting your natural assets and having a flirty

giggle with some clients who worship the ground you walk on? The latter certainly pays a lot better.


Strippers at Your Buck’s Party: An Australian Institution


The mention of the word “stripper” can conjure many different images in the male mind. For some

it’s the flashy club with whirling lights and thumping bass, girls on stage twirling and gyrating in

time to the beat. For others it’s opening the door to the perfectly done-up hottie, long coat on over

lingerie and large prop-bag in hand, while the boys all jostle for position around the groom-to-be,

giddy with excitement for the show to come. For others it’s the gorgeous minx serving drinks in

nothing but a g-string and killer heels for the business component of business-before-pleasure.


Red Foxx Girls: The Hottest Strippers in Australia


Whatever comes to mind when you think strippers, you can look no further than Red Foxx in Perth.

Here at Red Foxx we have all the sexy ladies you could ever wish for, ready to add that sex appeal

to your party or function. Our ladies can be as naughty or nice as you like with services including

skimpy barmaids, topless waitresses, fully nude waitresses, strippers, and full-on multi-girl shows.

The sky (or more accurately your blood pressure) is the limit. Browse the website today for a full

list of services, prices and of course the gallery with jaw dropping photos of the Foxxy ladies available

for you to hire for your buck’s party, poker night, grand final party , birthday, boat charter or work function!

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