Skimpy Pubs in Perth

Skimpy Pubs Perth

There’s a well known and long standing tradition in Western Australia – skimpy pubs. Skimpy barmaids, or just “skimpies,” refers to female bar staff who wear a bikini or lingerie. They are a feature of working class pubs in industrial suburbs and mining towns, which often advertise skimpies during traditionally quieter times such as midweek lunch and dinner services in an effort to attract customers.

The use of skimpies flourished and was a subject of east coast media fascination during the mining boom, when the massive influx of fly-in fly-out mining workers to towns such as Kalgoorlie and Port Hedland was met by a corresponding influx of fly-in fly-out barmaids, often hired out by a central Perth recruiting agency to do the circuit of regional towns.

Skimpy pubs provide a centralised point of socialisation. It’s a tradition in a lot of towns. By becoming a skimpy pub it helps bring people to these country bars. In an industry that is struggling the employment of skimpy barmaids is major entertainment for many workers.

Skimpy pubs are not restricted to country towns however. You’ll find skimpy pubs in Perth suburbs as well. Skimpy pubs Perth offer a ‘taste’ of country town tradition and fun in the heart of the city. An online search will list skimpy pubs Perth for you to check out.

Skimpy pubs Perth offer a substantial income for those who choose skimpy barmaid work as an employment option. The wages earned are far more than a traditional waitressing job for the same hours. Skimpy pubs Perth are often the choice for students with limited working hours but the same financial overheads as everybody else.

Of course, work as a skimpy barmaid in skimpy pubs Perth isn’t without its negative moments. There are downsides with the bartenders having to deal with sexist putdowns from boorish punters as well as unwanted roaming hands. Working in skimpy pubs Perth isn’t necessarily for the faint of heart! But, if you are thick skinned enough the financial rewards for working in skimpy pubs Perth are substantial.

Legend has it that Honest Joe is the publican credited with having introduced skimpies to Kalgoorlie. Hoping to give his establishment an edge over his rivals, Joe decided to have his bar girls pour beers stark naked. While this went down famously with Joe’s regulars, the local police didn’t approve, so Joe, ever the entrepreneur, decided to wrap his girls in clear plastic film instead. When this modification failed to quieten the constabulary, Joe was forced to dream up the skimpy, which entailed sufficient attire to keep both the punters entranced and the bluecoats away. The skimpy pubs origin story is as colourful as the skimpy barmaids who work in skimpy pubs Perth!

As you would expect, skimpy pubs Perth are not popular with everyone. The practice has faced challenges with campaigns broadly against using the objectification and sexualisation of women and girls to sell products, likened it to prostitution and linked the treatment of women as a form of entertainment to increased sexual violence and violence against women.

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