Australia Day 2016

Redfoxx Will Help You Host the Best Damn Australia Day Party Your Mates Have Ever Seen

Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free! Our land abounds… Doesn’t the thought of Australia day just make you want to get up and burst into song? It’s a day to celebrate our great nation’s origins, a day to remember all those who have come before us and toiled under our bright blue southern sky to make Australia the freaking amazing country it is today, the best country on earth even…There I go getting all patriotic again!  Australia Day is  a day to commemorate the First Fleet arriving and saying to those Dutch bastards “New Holland my arse! shove off, this place is ours”.  But let’s be honest, it’s mostly a day to kick back, have a beer, fry up some snags and soak up the serenity of our great southern land with an awesome Australia Day party.

Celebrating Australia Day

The backyard barbie is an Aussie institution. You and your mates sitting around the grill, making sure John-o isn’t messing up the steaks, while you’re slamming back a cold one. The air shimmers from the heat of the Aussie sun, the cicadas chirp their heads off in the trees and the beer is so cold the bottle sweats more than you do.

“Could life get any better that this?” you ask yourself.  Well the answer is hell yes!

Instead of having to drag your self out of that premium shade soaked chair, trudge across the Gibson-desert-like backyard and plunge your hand into water only a polar bear could love  on a quest for your next beverage, you could have it brought right to you. “Sounds good,” you say? Of course you do, but think bigger. You could have it brought to you by one of our gorgeous waitresses!

Now I know I have your attention, but I’m not done yet, this stunning minx isn’t just carrying your beverage open and ready for you, she is doing it… completely nude. This isn’t a heat-induced hallucination, you contacted Redfoxx and organized a nude waitress for your Australia Day celebration, you clever bastard.

Hiring a Topless Waitress for Your Australia Day Party

That’s right, you can make your Aussie Day party the highlight of the social calender by hiring one of our gorgeous waitresses.  Make your event as wild as you dare with the option of skimpy waitresses, topless waitresses or go all out with our fully nude waitresses.

But the Redfoxx girls are not just a pretty face and stunning body. They can act as topless poker dealers and have everyone wishing for a pair in their hand.  They can really get pulses racing and have everyone running a flag up their pole in patriotism with a live show that can be as tame or risque as your “heart” desires. Whatever your tastes and preferences we have the woman of your dreams ready to make your Australia Day unforgettable.

Male Stripper for Your Australia Day Party

Ladies, there’s no need to feel left out on this one.  We also have ‘himpy’ bartenders, topless waiters and nude waiters.  Sit back and let these handsome, well-mannered hunks cater to your every whim while you relax and sip your cocktail in style .

If the mood strikes you, you can get naughty with a hot male stripper and go wild this Australia Day. What ever tone you want to set for your Australia Day party Redfoxx has the perfect man to make your party the one everyone remembers for years to come.

Hire a Redfoxx Topless Waitress or Waiter for Australia Day

If you are looking to really ramp up the celebrations this Australia Day don’t pussy-foot around, contact us at and book your topless waitress or topless waiter. Browse the pictures and bios of our gorgeous girls and hunky guys to find the perfect match for your Australia Day celebrations. The full list of services can be found on our website, as well as a full price list. Act now and make this Australia Day the best Aussie Day party ever.




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