Strippers in Perth – 5 Reasons They Love It!

There are many preconceived notions about Strippers in Perth and what it is like to take your clothes off for a living. If you asked 10 people what it was like, you would probably get 10 different answers about what it’s like, why people do it, and what the best and worst parts of the job are.

The only people who really know what it’s like, are the Strippers themselves! We wanted to get it straight from the Foxxes mouth, so we asked some of our sexy babes what they love most about their jobs, and these are the top 5 things they told us.

1: Stripping in Perth: On your own schedule

“I just love the freedom we get as Strippers. We choose when we work, and we can turn down anything we are not comfortable with. I used to work in retail before I started stripping and it was horrible. I had no control over when I worked or what I did, I just had to show up when they told me to and do whatever. Now I set my availability and only book the jobs that I want to do and that suit my schedule, it’s great.”

“Being able to set my own hours is so good, I am studying for my degree at the moment and this is the perfect part time job for me. The gigs are usually at night so it doesn’t conflict with my classes and I can take time off for my exams and pracs when ever I need to. Stripping is just the perfect part time job!” As well as being able to work in the clubs, I can also work as a Skimpy Barmaid during the day, and represent Red Foxx with lots of shifts booked through

2: The Empowerment of being the Femme Fatale

“Honestly the thing I love most about Strippers, is the power we have over the guys we are stripping for. I love having a group of guys at a staff party or a bucks night just eating out of my hand all night. It’s adorable how they all fall over themselves to get some time with me. I feel so powerful and strong when I am stripping.”

“I hear women saying things like ‘it’s so sexist’ or ‘it’s wrong to objectify women like that’ but they just don’t understand what it is actually like to be a stripper. When we are stripping we have all the power over the guys. We get to choose what happens to our bodies. We choose to use our sexuality, to make great money doing something fun and sexy, it’s a win win to me.”

3: Making in rain! The Money

“For me it’s just a financial decision. I can make $500 for an hours work when I’m stripping in Perth. You just can’t compete with that! My friends kill themselves for 40 plus hours a week in office jobs or working retail, I just couldn’t bring myself to do that for so little money. I love being able to pay all my bills and still have my days free to do whatever I like.” “As a single mum it’s the money and the flexible hours. I love that I can spend all day with my kids and then go to work at night while they are asleep. It’s such a great work/life balance for me. I know I won’t be able to do this forever so I am making the most of it while I still can.”

4: Curves to die for: The Exercise

“I love how dancing keeps me in such great shape. I do a few shifts per week in a strip club as well as topless bartending and topless poker dealing for private parties. The club shifts are by far the most physically demanding because of the pole work. I have always been in good shape but nothing has toned my body like pole dancing. I totally understand why it has become so popular as a hobby lately, it’s great fun and a killer workout!”

“Being a stripper keeps you very fit. I know that the hotter I look naked the more money I am going to make. Basically, that just makes it very easy to put down the piece of cake and go to the gym.”

5: Sisters unite: The Stripper Comradery

“Working as a Skimpy or a Stripper for a Bucks Night or other Private Party is a lot like any other workplace in most ways. There is always going to be some office politics and people who just don’t get along. For the most part, us Strippers really stick together and support each other. We have a great time backstage at dance shows in between sets at the clubs. Most the of the girls I work with are such fun and bubbly people, they are great to be around and we have a really good time, all while making the guys have a great night for their special occasion, and making some really good money, what’s not to love?”

As you can see our girls love what they do! If you are looking to spice up your next event in the Perth area with some serious eye-candy check out all the gorgeous ladies at and find the Foxx of your dreams. Our girls are stunning, sexy, and ready to make the night unforgettable for you and your guests. If you are hosting a grand final party, bucks night, staff party or boys weekend, get in contact with us.  By calling Red Foxx you will be the hero of all your mates. If you’re having  a party, you need a hot stripper to dance, a topless waitress to pour drinks or a sexy poker dealer. Call or email now to enquire!


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