A New Valentine’s Day Tradition

Topless Waitresses and Strippers: A New Valentine’s Day Tradition

Here it is again, February comes rolling in and with it there are shops full of heart shaped everything.  Everywhere you look there are sappy bears professing love in cutsie-pootsie misspelled phrases and endless romantic movies, offers and deals. Ugh. It can all be a bit tiresome for those of us not burdened with the obligation of making some big flashy gesture of love and affection because some greeting card company tells us we should.

Hence the growing popularity of Lonely Hearts and Anti-Valentine’s Day Parties. Now single folks have a great excuse for a party! While all the couples out there go through the motions of fancy dinners, over priced gifts and store-brought romance you throw a raging party for yourself and all of your single friends – no sappy and frivolous Valentine’s Day cliches allowed!

Hiring Topless Waitresses for Your Lonely Hearts Valentine’s Day Party

Now that you have decided to push back at all of that corporate and commercial pressure to settle in for a sappy evening with your special someone and you have opted to have a party instead, you’ve definitely got to make it a bloody great one.

There is no better way to stick it to the mushy pressures of the V-Day season than to let Red Foxx help you host a raging party with our gorgeous girls or hunky guys who will be at your service as super-sexy eye candy in the form of topless waiters and topless waitresses!

Make Valentine’s Day the Ultimate Boys Night in

There will be nothing lonely about your lonely hearts party once our girls arrive and brighten the room with their dazzling smiles and even more dazzling figures. Whether you decide on a topless poker dealer, skimpy waitress, topless waitress, nude waitress or go all out on a full strip show your lonely hearts party will be an unforgettable experience for you and all your single friends.

Once they hear about your Valentine’s Day party, your mates with relationship obligations will be green with envy.  When they hear about how stunning your topless waitresses were, how much fun your topless dealer made your poker night or how raunchy your strip show got, they’ll wish they could’ve been there.

Ladies Can Get in on the Action Too

Ladies, don’t let the boys have all the fun! Contact Red Foxx and let us provide a truly sexy edge to your lonely hearts party.  With the choice of a ‘himpy’ barman, topless waiters, fully nude waiters or a full strip show, your party can be as tame or wild as your heart desires.

Forget about Mr. Right, you can have a gorgeous Mr. Right-Now tending to your every need as you party the night away with your girl squad. There will be no risk of awful last minute date plans or unthoughtful gifts when you do all the planning with the help of Red Foxx.

Our sexy guys are well mannered, well built and bring a range of entertaining party tricks, as well as other impressive assets, to your event to ensure everyone has the night of their lives.

What are You Waiting for?!

Don’t let this Valentine’s Day be another lonely one. Contact Red Foxx and select the man or woman of your dreams to add the sizzling edge to your party.
With so many gorgeous guys and girls to choose from you are sure to find the perfect match for you to make your lonely hearts party an unforgettable experience you’ll want to repeat next year. Visit out website at www.redfoxx.com.au and browse our fantastic staff and services, and make the booking that will make your Valentine’s Day party the envy of all your couple friends.

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