How to host a classy bachelor party

How to host a classy bachelor party.

So your friend is getting married, and he has named you best man. It’s a great honour, and we are sure you are playing your part helping out with any and all wedding preparations, but we all know the main duty of the best man, aside from crossing swords with any would be wedding interrupters, is organizing the bachelor party. Now this seems so easy for all those fellas out there who spend their weekends watching footy and drinking beer, but your friend isn’t into that scene. He is more of a glass of wine, talk about the big issues kinda guy, and this presents a bit of a dilemma. The typical ‘get the boys, get some beer, get some boobs’ bachelor party just isn’t something your friend is going to be into, you know this, and that is part of why you have been chosen as best man, because you know him well enough to know that isn’t what he wants.

What Happens at the Bachelor Party Stays at the Bachelor Party

Now let’s be clear, we are talking about options for guys who are legitimately more interested in atypical bachelor party options, not guys who are railroaded into reciting “I just don’t want to objectify women” by overbearing pseudo-feminist fiancés (we say “pseudo” because real feminists respect other women’s rights to enjoy making money from and having fun with their sexuality). Just because his future wife doesn’t like the idea of strippers doesn’t mean you don’t have strippers. There is a reason for the saying “what happens in vegas…” With that in mind, some guys just wouldn’t be comfortable with a full on strip show, and that’s ok.

Fear not, just because you are breaking from the norm doesn’t mean you are heading for lame bachelor party lane, and just because you are not booking a XXX stage show dosn’t mean you can’t have some lovely female company at the bachelor party. Here at Red Foxx we understand that different people have very different tastes, and our beautiful foxxes offer a large range of services suited to any and all groups and parties. For starters You can hire some skimpy barmaids, and have gorgeous, classy ladies serving you drinks while wearing ultra sexy black lingerie. This is a great way to give your bachelor party a proper bachelor party vibe while keeping it classy. To go one step further have the attendees suit up and fulfil all their James Bond super spy fantasies by swilling cocktails and playing cards surrounded by gorgeous, flirty women. Add in a card dealer who can be dressed in a slinky dress, completely naked, or anywhere in between and now you are really taking. You can hire a lovely Foxx to perform a show that is more dance than stripping, while still holding all the sexual allure that you desire, but without the leery nature of a XXX show.

Choose Red Foxx for Your Bachelor Party
The possibilities are endless, and you can tailor your bachelor party to perfectly suit the groom’s tastes, whatever kind of guy he is. Red Foxx are the experts in all levels of bachelor party entertainment. Contacts us through our website and we can help you plan the perfect party. For all your bachelor party entertainment needs in Perth and surrounding areas we have you covered.

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