Planning a Hens night

The Hen’s Night Dilemma

Organizing a Hen’s Night can be a bit of a minefield. The potential political potholes of getting a group of girls to agree on the specifics of the night can make for some serious headaches, let alone the actual logistics of the night.

Then there is the guest list. You don’t want to cause problems and hurt feelings by leaving anyone out. Then again, for the big night, you don’t want to have to cater to the tastes of the most tame of the Bride’s nearest and dearest.

Hen’s Night Problem:

On one hand you have the Mother of the bride, the Mother-in-law to be, and sweet old auntie Bessie.  On the other hand, you have the bride’s raunchiest friends who are looking for a night of extreme dares, penis shaped EVERYTHING and shot, shot, shot, shots, sh-shots (everybody)!

Now if the Bride is the type of gal who wants to let her hair down and party with some hunky nude waiters and maybe take in a strip show or three, but the relatives are more “cup of Earl grey and a good book” types, fear not, there are ways to make sure everyone is involved. Even dear old auntie Bessie.

Hen’s Night Solution:

Make the party a multi-event affair! Start with a nice high-tea, luncheon and a spa day type deal during the daylight hours. Make it something everyone can enjoy, this leaves the older or more conservative ladies feeling included, and gives the other girls some time to bond and get excited about things to come.

Following the dignified activities of the day, the wilder girls are free to crank the Hen’s Party up as many notches as they like. After dark, when Auntie Bessie is safely tucked in bed with a smile from a lovely day, that’s when they really Hen’s Party gets started!

Red Foxx for a Wild & Raunchy Good Time

Now the oldies are in bed it’s time to get down to business!

This is the Bride’s last night of freedom so you are going to want some serious eye-candy to amp up your party. This is where Red Foxx comes in. We have a supply of handsome hotties to make your Hen’s Night the party of a lifetime. Choose from topless barmen, nude waiters, full strip shows or all of the above.

Our strippers have the chiseled abs, bigs arms, tight butts and sexy moves to make your Hen’s Night wild. Our guys have a large range of costumes including sexy cop, fireman, construction worker and so much more! Whatever the Hen’s fantasy let us bring it to life for her big night. Our guys are not just big hunks of sexy muscle, they come packing great personalities, a hilarious sense of humour and a bag of party tricks that will ensure everyone has the time of their lives.

Book Your Hen’s Night With Red Foxx Now

So what are you waiting for? Once you have decided on what type of service you are after, be it topless waiter, fully nude waiter, nude barman, stripper, strippers or any combination you fancy simply check out the guys pictures and bio’s and find the hunk that tickles your fancy. Once you have Made your booking it’s time to start getting excited, just wait until you see the brides face light up when one of our gorgeous guys rolls in the door dressed up as her not-so-secret fantasy.
Have fun!

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