Bushfire Appeal Bikini Carwash

Support the victims of the January Bush Fires in Waroona and Yarloop

Australians are no strangers to the dangers of bush fires and every summer presents the risk of dangerous heat waves and flare-ups that can progress into full-blown tragedy and disaster. While our heroic firefighters do everything in their power to contain these blazes, prevent loss of life and keep our homes safe from damage, they are often faced with an impossible task due to the hot, dry conditions and a lack of water with which to fight the fires.  This was tragically the case earlier this year when savage bushfires ravaged the area south of Perth in Western Australia.

Waroona and Yarloop Ravaged by Savage Bush Fires

The fires in Waroona and Yarloop engulfed more than 71,000 hectares of land, many townships and consumed people’s homes. The destruction of these towns was tragic and heart wrenching, ending with 2 people dead and over 160 families homeless. In addition to losing their homes the residents of these towns have also lost their town’s infrastructure, and in many cases, their livelihood.

While the Western Australian government is doing all it can to help the victims of this tragedy rebuild and get on with their lives there are still many gaps that need to be filled. The people of Waroona and Yarloop have lost everything in the disastrous fires and need all the help they can possibly get to rebuild their lives and carry on.

Red Foxx is Here to Help Raise Money for the Families Affected by Wild Fires

Red Foxx has decided to do our part and help the people of Waroona and Yarloop the best way we know how!  On Sunday the 21st of February we will be hosting a Bikini Carwash with all of the proceeds going directly to those most affected by this tragedy.

The girls of Red Foxx all feel very strongly for the families affected and have jumped at the opportunity to volunteer their time and energy to this worthy cause. Red Foxx’s Bikini carwash will be held between 12 and 4 pm on the 21st of February at Ye Ol’ Narrogin Inne, located at No. 2, South West Highway, Armadale, Western Australia, 6112. Here at Red Foxx we are no stranger to charity, having hosted a similar event with great success for the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Our bikini car wash is the Red Foxx’s way of doing some good for those in need.  We also want to help lift everyone’s spirit and show Australia’s resilience in the face of tragedy, so we’ll make sure that everyone is having a good time! In dark situations like the aftermath of these terrible fires, let our girls shine some light on through and make things just a little better for the families of Waroona and Yarloop.

So bring along your car, truck, caravan or whatever else you can get on the road and head down to the Ye Ol’ Narrogin Inne. You will be greeted by the smiling faces and scantily clad bodies of our gorgeous girls ready to wash, soap, rinse and shine your rig. Charity has never looked and felt so good!

Now with so many gorgeous girls wearing next to nothing you could be forgiven for forgetting the charity side of this event, but it is important that everyone give what they can to this very worthy cause. So spread the word, call your mates to action and let’s make this event as big and successful as it deserves to be. The people of Waroona and Yarloop and all the surrounding small townships affected by these fires will be forever grateful for your help and assistance.

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