Skimpy Barmaids

The Wonderful Aussie Tradition That is The Skimpy Barmaid

Blokes love looking at naked women, always have, always will. Since the beginning of time Aussie blokes have headed to their local pub after a hard days work to spend some of their hard earned cash on a nice cold beer. Over a hundred years ago an ingenious publican put two and two together and started a great tradition, the skimpy barmaid!

All across our great land crowds of thirsty blokes have flocked to their local bar to catch the skimpy hour. With the promise of gorgeous babes wielding icy cold beers in barely-there outfits who could resist? Nowhere saw as much booming success in the skimpy tradition as isolated mining towns. It comes as no surprise that these hard working men, spending their days surrounded by nothing but other hard working men, would jump at the opportunity to spend some time in the company of the fairer sex. Now add some cold booze, minus some clothing and you are onto a sure winner.

Everyone Loves a Skimpy Barmaid

But it’s not just the women-starved miners of the interior getting in on the skimpy barmaid action. All around the country pubs have realised the allure of gorgeous women in skimpy outfits serving drinks. In almost every city you can find a place to enjoy the company of skimpy bar maids while you have your well earned beer.

Just closed the big deal? What better way to celebrate! Need the final nudge to convince the client you have what he needs? I guarantee he will be much more open to business with a few beers under his belt and and few scantily clad babes in his field of view! But then do you really need a reason other than the cold beers and lovely ladies to convince you to head down to the bar for skimpy hour? I thought not.

A cold pint with a serving of eye-candy on the side? Who could resist?!

Red Foxx Flies The Skimpy Flag for Perth

Red Foxx has perfected this time honoured tradition with several skimpy events at different locations around the Perth area every day of the week. Our girls are gorgeous, friendly and fun, and if you see someone you like at one of our pubs there is a good chance you can book them to add that extra sex appeal to your next event or function.

Have a look on for a full list of locations and times that our lovely ladies will be gracing you with their sexy skimpy presence. If you are hunting a specific foxx contact us and we can let you know when her next pub shift will be. Not all the foxxes heading out in their skimpies are shown in the Red Foxx gallery so make sure you drop by the pubs to see the full range of talent available from us here at Red Foxx.
Go on, you deserve it.

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