Bucks Party Planning

Calling All Best Men, It’s Bucks Party time!

Attention best men. You know your responsibilities, don’t you? On the big day it’s all up to you. You’ve got to get him to the venue on time, properly dressed, somewhat sober with pre-wedding jitters calmed enough to get him standing mostly upright and ready to grin like a fool at the sight of his gorgeous bride. She walks in, you stand at the ready, on his left so your right arm is free to draw your sword and defend your mate from anyone opposing his holy union…well, maybe that part is a little dated. These days it’s more like you’re ready to sick one of the boys on drunk uncle Robbo who is about to cause a scene in a fifth row.

You produce the ring, maybe after a small fake fumble to get the bridesmaids giggling, and a few minutes later the happy couple are out the door, husband and wife. You head off with them, stopping traffic, holding lights, adjusting whatever need be to help them get those photos perfect.

Next, you hit the reception, grab your seat at the big table and get ready for your speech. Boom. You nailed it! You had the whole place in stitches, especially the cutie from the bride’s work at the other end of the bridal table. Time to sit back and enjoy the rewards of all your hard work, have a drink or three and share a few moments with the boys reminiscing about all the good times. Especially the bucks party.

The Bucks Party: The Crowning Jewel in a Best Man’s Resume

For all the work put in on the big day, you know your biggest responsibility to your mate is to usher out his days of singledom  in style. The bucks party is a time old tradition, a moment to create those memories that will always be referenced back to, with winks and nods in certain company, and roaring stories with wild gesticulations in others.

The sentence “well we all remember Tom’s bucks party” followed by a huge round of laughter from the boys and a far-away look and faint smile from Tom is your legacy as a best man.

How Wild do You Want it? Bucks Party; Decisions Decisions…

Now to go about hosting this all-important bucks party. It’s decision time. Is your mate a gorgeous-lady-in-a-tiny-bikini-bringing-him-drinks kinda guy, or is two stunning beauties doing dirty things to each other with whipped cream and the contents of the crisper draw in the fridge more his speed?

Remember this is his bucks party, it’s a time to get a bit wild.

Whatever you choose, Red Foxx can deliver. Skimpy waitresses, topless waitresses, fully nude waitresses, strippers and multiple girl shows are all available to suit any desired level of debauchery. Make his bucks party unbelievable by hiring a few gorgeous topless waitresses to serve drinks while he is watching the strippers on stage.

Our girls here at Red Foxx are so hot they will make his bucks party the best night of the year whatever level of naughty you choose. For a more relaxed evening you can hire a stunning beauty, with her level of clothing entirely up to you, to deal your cards for a poker night. Our girls are not only drop dead gorgeous but also bubbly, friendly and fun. They will make sure everyone is having the time of their lives and make sure his bucks party is always remembered with a sigh and a smile.

Make it Happen! Make Your Bucks Party Reservations Now

So now you know what to do. Contact us at www.redfoxx.com.au to meet all of our stunning girls. Whatever your mates taste (or yours) we have a lovely lady who is sure to satisfy. Once you choose the lady of your dreams and decide on the type of service you would like her to provide, our price lists are on the website. Remember, don’t be stingy, this is your best mate we are talking about, and as long as he plays his cards right he will only have one bucks party in his honour, make it amazing.

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