About Diablo

Name: Diablo
Height: 177cm
Best Asset: Intelligence (yes! totally killed this one, bhahaha!) If you meant physical asset then… ummm… lets go with my back.
Nationality: Spaniard
Personality traits: Friendly, chatty and cool. But not “James Bond” type of cool. I mean “walking-around-with-girly-body-language-pretending-I´m-totally-gay” type of cool.
Interests: Alpine skiing, windsurfing, roller skating, outdoors, nature, fitness, health and self-improvement. Mechanical Engineer by trade. SHOCK!
Star sign: Very Virgo
Pub shifts? Yes
Topless Waiter? Yes!
Nude Waiter? Yes!!
Lapdances? Yes!!!
Shows? Yes!!!!
Themes? YES!!! Cop, Security, Zorro, Carnival